Cloud-technology Adoption

Recent evolution of distributed computing technology in the context of “cloud computing” has dramatically changed the landscape of development and operation for enterprise systems. 
It is quite a challenge for large enterprises, their application developers and system integrators to adopt the cloud technology, because there are too many software products claiming themselves “cloud enablers.”  This is especially true for companies in Japan or those in Asia trying to adopt the new technology and products developed by US companies, which have different business cultures and development practices.


FitechSource has two development centers, Silicon Valley in U.S. and St. Petersburg in Russia.  The engineers of FitechSource have played the key roles in developing high-performance distributed computing middleware products and mission critical distributed systems for financial institutions in Japan and Europe.  We are helping our customers in the following area:

    1. Evaluating cloud product for the specific needs of the customers,

    2. Developing custom add-on systems for a specific cloud product based on the customer’s requirements,

    3. Developing prototype systems using cutting-edge cloud products, and

    4. Training customer’s engineers with new products and technology through hands-on projects specifically tailored to the customer; typically a prototype development project of a business application using the new products.

Values Proposition

Most of our engineers have over 15 years of experience developing highly mission critical distributed systems and middleware products for financial institutions in Japan, Germany, Russia and United States. For last 5 years, we have been focusing on helping our customers in adopting cloud-technology. Through our experience, we learned that:

    1. In evaluating and adopting new products, the quickest and safest path for a customer is to develop a working prototype system of a business application specific to the customer’s business using the products.

    2. It is cost effective that FitechSource shall develop the most of the prototype system with the engineers from customers working and learning together so that they can bring the resulting system, the skills and the knowledge to the customer, which can be proliferated in the organization smoothly.

    3. If the product venders in U.S. would directly communicate with the customers in Asia for evaluating the products, the difference in culture and business practice would collide resulting in undesirable outcome: misunderstanding and/or unfair evaluation of the products, or over-expectation of the functionalities.

By our hands-on consulting, we will bridge the difference and apply our technical expertise to close the gap between customer needs and the product’s capability, producing a successful adoption of the products.